Design Services




“Branding” your Company or Yourself as an Individual Athlete or Entertainer starts with a Logo! As Designers with a combined 20+years of experience 5T Media knows the difference between a “Bad” Logo and a “Timeless” Logo. Your logo is the first thing your Customers or Fans will see. This is the first step to Building your Brand.


There are different ways to Market and Brand yourself as a Company or as an Individual one of the best ways to Brand yourself is with Apparel and Promotional Merchandise. We have Package deals for Custom T-shirts design and if you need any Promotional Items that need your Logo on it we can find it for you.

Clothing Line Consultation / Design What 5Tool Media can Provide: Apparel Design – Creative Direction – Market Research (Identifying a customer) – Visual alignment & Direction of the Brand – Development – Silhouette Development – Sourcing fabrics – Dye & Garment Washes – Sampling


Building your website is more crucial now than ever before. Social media and networking is key to building a brand and we integrate your Social Media outlets Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr into your Website so they all work together. 5T Media is unique because we can do it all. We take your logo and build your brand using the Web, Brand Merchandise and Print media.


Business Cards – Booklets – Brochures – Catalogs – CD Covers and Trays – DVD Covers – Envelopes – Flyers – LetterheadsĀ  – Posters – Stickers


Today it is crucial for companies and individuals to be constantly updating their websites with new content. Once your website is designed on the web we can teach you how to keep it fresh and up to date for your customers or fans so they keep coming back.